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Food Recovery Matching Tool

The matching tool below is designed to help businesses and organizations connect with Food Recovery Organizations operating in Santa Clara County and currently seeking new food recovery partnerships.

You can use the filter, sort, and search functions in the header of the tool to find a match according to your needs (such as location, hours of operation, or types of food recovered). Click on any image to see more information in an expanded view. 

Note: The Santa Clara County Food Recovery Program does not vet or approve these organizations, but does strongly encourage them to abide by Food Safety Protocols and to hold all necessary permits for their activities. If you are a food recovery organization or service and would like to be added to the tool, please contact us.

    Prepare for your first call or meeting by having the following information available:

    • Your company name, address, site contact, and phone number
    • Description of what food you expect to have and the storage requirements (dry, refrigerated, frozen, fresh)
    • How your food will be packaged (case and package size)
    • Estimated number of units, pounds, cases, and/or pallets for donation


    Ask questions that will help you determine if the organization is a good fit for your food recovery needs:

    • Does the organization accept the types of food that you have to donate? 
    • Can they accept the amount of food that you have to donate?
    • How frequently can they accept donations?
    • Can they pick up the surplus food or does it need to be delivered?
    • What are their requirements for packaging and storing donations prior to pick up / drop off? 
    • What does their contract look like and does it fit your needs? 


    Once you have found an organization that is a good match, establish the following information. Note: a copy of each of the items below is required to be kept onsite under SB 1383:

    • Name, address, and contact information of the food recovery organization
    • Frequency or schedule of pick ups / drop offs
    • Types of food agreed to be donated and accepted
    • Signed contract or written agreement (see Step 4: Contract for details)

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