Recovering Your Surplus Edible Food: SB 1383 Compliance for Businesses & Organizations

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Food Recovery Organizations and Services click here.

Businesses and organizations, please continue below to learn about the eight steps to compliance with edible surplus food requirements under SB 1383.

Steps to Get Started

Step 1 Confirm icon

1. Confirm

Make sure this regulation applies to your business or organization.

Step 2 Understand icon

2. Understand

Learn about SB 1383 and how it applies to your business or organization.

Step 3 Connect icon

3. Connect

Find prevention tools and Food Recovery Organizations/Services to partner with.

Step 4 Contract icon

4. Contract

Sign a contract with your chosen food recovery organization or service. We have a sample contract.

Ongoing Tasks

Step 5 Recover icon

5. Recover

Collect and safely store the maximum amount of your excess food for pick-up or delivery to those in need.

Step 6 Track icon

6. Track

Record the type, frequency, and pounds of food recovered each month.

Step 7 Monitor icon

7. Monitor

Prepare for inspections and monitoring.

Step 8 Report icon

8. Report

Food Recovery Reports are due May 1 of each year.

To learn more about Joint Venture Silicon Valley - the local nonprofit organization contracted to manage this Program - visit our website.


Visit our jurisdiction-specific recycling program page​ to learn more about recycling in your area.


The Santa Clara County Food Recovery Program is managed by Joint Venture Silicon Valley under a contract with the Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission of Santa Clara County, through its Implementation Committee, with representation from all the cities and unincorporated county areas of Santa Clara County. The Program is funded by Santa Clara County and the named entities. The monitoring and inspecting of surplus food generators, food recovery organizations and their services is carried out independently by Joint Venture's Food Recovery Initiative and is subject to oversight by Santa Clara County and its jurisdictions alone. Though the Initiative was launched under the direction of the Joint Venture board, the County Program is not subject to any form of consultation, direction or oversight by the Joint Venture board. Communications with regulated entities, and any proprietary information, remains the purview of the Program and the jurisdiction within which the regulated entity is located. The Program also exercises fully independent discretion and decision-making pertaining to record-keeping, monitoring, and inspections. 


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