Reusable Cups

Earth Month April 2020: Become a Partner in the "Bring Your Own Cup" Campaign!

​Americans use o​ver 120 billion disposable cups every year​, and each cup is only used for about an hour. Using a reusable cup and promoting them at your business are easy ways to live up to your environmental values. Join our campaign this April and amplify local efforts to reduce waste, save resources and prevent ocean litter!


Become a Participating Business​

Santa Clara County welcomes the participation of any interested businesses that use disposable cups to be a part of our Earth Month Promotion. ​


What are business benefits?​

As a participant, you will receive:

  • Your name featured in the list of participating businesses on this web page during April.
  • Your name included in a list of participating businesses in our full-page San Jose Mercury News promotion.
  • A geo-fenced digital ad, customized with your business name, shown in the area around your business and to your customers.
  • Your business name in our campaign e-blast.
  • Social media promotion of your business.
  • Positive PR during Earth Month and goodwill from your customers.

What are business partners asked to do?

As campaign participants, we require businesses to:

  • Post campaign signage at your business during April 2020. 
  • Accept customers’ reusable cups* to dispense to-go beverages.
  • Hand out (and collect completed) raffle tickets to customers who use their own reusable cups.
  • Donate a $100 gift card/certificate. In return, you will receive a geo-fenced digital ad, customized with your business name, and targeted to an area around your shop in April - a $150 value!
  • OPTIONAL: Consider a reusable cup discount of $0.25 or more.

We provide all the tools— send an email to [email protected] to learn more.​

* Provided they meet your food safety standards—you are always free to reject an unsanitary container.​​​​​ 


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