Recycle Right

What is "Recycling Right"?

It's more important than ever to put only the right stuff into your recycling cart here in Santa Clara County. And it's equally important to keep out the things that can't be recycled. When the recycling is full of trash, the recyclables can't be processed into new products...what a waste!

Whatever Moves You, Recycle Right

In Santa Clara County, all kinds of people come together to create a dynamic community. We may express our interests and talents differently, but we all have a common need - a healthy environment. The people represented in our campaign are all Santa Clara County residents, and they've shared their joy of recycling to help inspire you to "Recycle Right."


You can ace recycling with a little practice...start by learning what goes where in your city.​​

Start a new groove - get into the habit of checking what's accepted in each cart before you throw something away.

Get into the flow of your recycling practice! Learn what goes where and soon you'll be recycling right.

​It feels good to know you're getting the right stuff in the recycling bin. Learn what goes where in your city.​​​​​​

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