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Businesses and organizations will need to report to the Santa Clara County Food Recovery Program on their compliance, including the number of pounds collected per reporting period. In Santa Clara County, we have an online system for easy reporting that will also include several questions to help us monitor compliance. These questions are important to ensure that Tier One and Tier Two food recovery programs operate properly, conduct the appropriate recordkeeping, and maintain records of their contracts with food recovery organizations or services. 



For the 2022 reporting year, Tier One Businesses shall report on the partial year from Jan 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022. Reports must be received by August 1, 2022. 

No later than May 1st of each year, starting May 1, 2023, Tier One Businesses must provide an annual Food Generator Report to the County through their reporting system pertaining to the previous calendar year. 

Starting May 1, 2025, Tier Two Businesses and Organizations must provide an annual Food Generator Report to the County through their reporting system pertaining to the previous calendar year. 

The Food Generator Report will include at least the following information: 

  • The name and address of the business/organization;
    The name of the person responsible for the Commercial Edible Food Generator’s edible food recovery program;
  • A list of all contracted Food Recovery Services or Food Recovery Organizations that collect Edible Food from the business; with a confirmation that the generator has a current, signed, contract with a Food Recovery Organization or Service;
  • The total number of pounds of Edible Food, per year, recovered through a contracted Food Recovery Organization or Food Recovery Service;
  • Detail of prevention measures, if any, employed at the location; and
  • Signature of person completing the report, confirming that everything entered is true to the best of their knowledge.


An email requesting the report will be sent to each Tier 1 and Tier 2 Entity, with a unique link to complete their SB 1383 Tier One Edible Food Generator Food Recovery Report. Please make sure we have a current email address for your location by Updating Your Email Address in our Contact Us form. If you do not have access to an email address, Reports will be collected by phone for Tier 1 Entities, and by mail for Tier 2 Entities. If we do not have a working email address for your location, you will receive a phone call about reporting.

Starting July 1 2022, you will be able to submit your report through the link in the email you receive, or through this form:

Food Generator Report for January 1, 2022 -  June 30, 2022 (Coming soon!)

This is a sample form, identical to the one you will be receiving.

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