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Next, Tier One and Tier Two entities must sign a contract with each food recovery organization or service that can accept their surplus edible food by January 1, 2022 for Tier One Businesses, and by January 1, 2024 for Tier Two Businesses and Organizations.

Your food recovery organization or service may already have an agreement or contract template they prefer to use. If needed, coordinate with your corporate office to confirm the template is one you can use.

Even if your business or organization recovers little to no surplus food, we strongly encourage you to connect and contract with a food recovery organization or service. It’s important to remember that SB 1383 regulations and related local ordinances require you to recover surplus food anytime you have it, even if that occurs only occasionally or unexpectedly. By taking the simple step of contracting with a food recovery organization or service now, regardless of how often you need to use it, you will avoid having to scramble when you find yourself with surplus food that is legally required to be recovered.




    The Silicon Valley Food Recovery Council​ supports the use of this sample contract. This template is a great starting point from which to build a contract that meets your business or organization’s specific circumstance and needs. The sample contract includes the Food Safety Protocols, developed by the Silicon Valley Food Recovery Council and multiple food recovery organizations and services. Note: this is a comprehensive template designed to offer language for a wide scope of food recovery agreements between business and organization of various types and sizes. Please edit and adapt as necessary to fit your specific circumstance and needs.

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