Organics, Recycling, and Garbage Collection

Franchised collection service in Unincorporated Santa Clara County is managed by Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Waste Management Services.

Customers who need to start or stop service, or have questions about their collection, should reach out to the collection companies listed on the service map below or their garbage bill. Haulers will have the most updated information about routes, services, and any program changes, and can provide the fastest response.

Go to our list of Unincorporated Areas and click in your service area to identify your garbage recycling and organics collection company (hauler).

New Mandatory Service for Residents and Businesses

SB 1383 is a new California law that establishes statewide targets and local requirements to dramatically reduce the amount of organic waste disposed of in landfills.

The County has adopted Ordinances and Policies along with an Accepted Materials List in compliance with SB 1383. As required under state law, all businesses in the unincorporated areas of the county must receive three bin collection services unless they receive a collection waiver from the County.

Click here to learn more about collection requirements and collection waivers for businesses in the unincorporated County.


If you have further questions, you can reach County staff by emailing  [email protected] or calling (408) 282-3180.

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